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7 Best Reasons For Outsourcing Your Marketing

7 best reasons why your business should be outsourcing its marketing efforts.

As the market becomes more competitive for Jamaican based MSMEs, it is becoming increasingly obvious that it is more than knowing the basics about marketing mix that will get your business before your best customers. You’ve already recognized that to compete with the giants for market share you must be smart about your overhead expenses, hence you outsource your accounting team, Information Technology Support, Human Resource Management, and many other facets of business: So why not marketing?

1. Cheaper

Outsourcing your full Marketing Support has recently become a more common practice around the World. And since there is still a very small community of successful, talented, and experienced “growth hackers” — or digital growth experts — trying to secure one full-time can cost well into six-figures per year for MSMEs, new companies, or a company just exploring digital, this makes little sense.

2. Guaranteed Expertise

To hire an in-house, entry level marketing person can cost anywhere between $850K to $1.4M per annum. This doesn’t offer any guarantees…If he/she could, you wouldn’t be paying $1.4M. Outsourcing your marketing allows a whole team of experienced marketers from different backgrounds with a wide spectrum of expertise to work on meeting targets and fulfilling your agenda. After all, an outsourced consultant has a vested interest in ensuring that its own brand reflects success therefore a successful client means a successful consultant.

3. Full Control

The term ‘outsource’ is typically associated with a negative connotations and bring thoughts to a team of people working for less than minimum wage in a small run-down building somewhere in an even further underdeveloped country than our own. If this is the case, you probably won’t have much control of what is going on. However, we can meet as frequent or as little as you want with a documented reporting tool. That way you have full control over your businesses marketing. Besides, all good marketing campaigns will be measurable, predictable and scalable. This means that once you start receiving and reviewing results there should be a direct correlation between your monetary input and the expected output. If you would like a certain aspect of your marketing to slow down, you can put this into your contract and reduce and increase at will.

4. Paying For Results

When hiring an in-house marketing team, you are often forced into paying for time rather than results. This of course provides no guarantees besides the fact that a certain amount will be paid out as an expense every month. Outsourcing your marketing eliminates this, as results are measurable and if the results does not meet the pre-agreed expectations, there will be no negotiating body or lurking lawsuits to prevent the termination of the agreement.

5. Check Your Options

There are a number of marketing solutions developed with your business in mind so you are bound to find one that can match your ambitions and budget. Don’t settle for the day rate of a communication specialist or an event planning expert. Outsourcing your marketing will allow you to get the best results for whatever you are willing to pay. While doing this ensure that you get the most for your money…and by most we mean know how, experienced, wide network of experts and for the ever changing Jamaican market place, a Consultant who can think outside the box.

6. Quick Team Integration

When you make the decision to outsource your marketing efforts you are inviting a marketing consultant to become a part of your business. This may seem daunting as they may not have the luxury of being embedded in the company’s culture as other employees. However, before the implementation of any campaign your outsourced partner would have conducted an in depth research into who your target audience is and what kind of messages they are most receptive to. Whilst building a working relationship that allows them to grasp an understanding of how your business operates and the things you like and dislike. No need to micromanage.

7. Focus

Business founders are entrepreneurial and inquisitive by nature and will read articles and do research before making the decision to outsource marketing efforts. Despite this, it is still very rare for a single person to have the hybrid of skills to be able to market their business efficiently and effectively without other aspects of the business being hampered. By outsourcing your marketing, you save on all of the time it takes trying to learn the entire marketing field yourself and allows you to focus on what you’re good at.

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