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We serve smart forward thinking business executives who are ready for results from their marketing efforts. 

Are We Right For Your Business?

While we at K. Mc. & Associates cannot be all things to all people, we've found that we work best with business executives who agree with most or all of the following:

You are an adaptable business executive with real drive and a vision to push your business forward.


You are open-minded and ready to make bold changes for the long-term benefit of your business.

You are a believer in the benefits effective marketing can bring to your bottom line and are ready to commit the investment required to make this happen.

You are OK with a marketing partner who can hear about the good and bad of your company.

You are an executive who can make it clear to existing staff that we are not replacing them, but is simply an extension of the team.



You need impartial advice and subject matter expertise on the viability of marketing



You are comfortable with the concept of outsourcing strategic and functional areas within your organization.


 You have a realistic budget for strategic marketing planning and eventual execution.


Your company needs a strategic vision for marketing


Finally, and most importantly, you are actively seeking a solution to build a marketing function for your business (for instance you may be looking at options such as employing marketing personnel or engaging with a provider like K. Mc. & Associates.

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